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Martin bimini is developed for al types of the yachts and motorboats as a protection from the sun in working areas of the boat and it is designed not to disturb work or sailing.

Company Martin makes many types of bimini:
  • Standard
  • Prolonged beyond stern purchase
  • Special according to the position of the cockpit and sheet of the main sail

Beside basic construction we produce for all the biminis:
  • Lateral tables
  • Front stern and bow table
  • Transparent roofs for sail control and wind indicators
  • Protection sacks for bimini
  • Tape and in ox stringers with different strings for bimini mountings
  • In ox pipe construction

  • Order form
  • Fabric choice - Sattler
  • Color choice
  • Gallery

Martin biminis are made of the highest quality Sattler's fabrics, UV resistant, in many different coleus..
Construction of the bimini is very strong, made of in ox steel pipes. Bimini system can be overlapped and that doesn't effect other functions of the boat.
Martin bimini is a choice of many charter companies placed in Adriatic, which offered our product as a part of their standard equipment of the boat.

Company Martin has standard designs whose dimensions suit many types of yachts. If you want to find out is our standard design will suit your yacht, or you want to order special bimini, please fill our form and we will contact you as soon as possible.



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