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OPTIMIST - the champion of Europe 2002.
Martin doo is general distributor and representative for the Republic of Croatia
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  Worldwide famous as the best class for introducing sailing to the children. Optimist is one of the most popular boats in the world. Competitions after sailing school become more interesting and people from all parts of the world compete in national regattas and world cups.
Lenam produced this version of Optimist starting from its basic construction making a hull strictly controlled in cooperation with one of the worlds famous designers.
Volume of the hull is optimized so that the boat has the best balance against or down the wind for different ages of the crew.
Rudder and helm are made using vacuum technology that assures best balance between glass and layers of pitch, so that the construction is light and hard. Rudder and helm are made of carbon epoxilic materials and are available in our production program.
  Our offer comes in :
Hull with carbon-epoxilic rudder and helm No.1 (new version has regulation of position of the helm)
Mast Giulietti with holder and lateen
Certificate of international Optimist association, including IODA divert

  Additional options

  Price for the set with all taxes included
• Franco Šibenik - 2.625,- EUR
• Franco Zagreb - 2.582,- EUR

  Price of the sail for optimist- VAT included
• Franco Šibenik
• Franco Zagreb

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