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Martin is specialized for designing and manufacturing protection awnings for sailboats and motorboats for land and sea.

Martin manufactures several types of awnings :
  • winter awning for sailboats for entire boat
         - higher awning across the bulwark
         - lower awnings below the bulwark
  • winter awnings for motorboats
         - boats with captain's bridge
         - boats without captain's bridge
  • winter awnings for motosailers
  • awnings for boat transport

  • Fabric choice - Sattler
  • Color choice
  • Gallery

Protective awnings are made from special fabrics, impregnated with high degree of water resistance and UV light rays resistance. Fabric is a very important detail in manufacturing awnings and our cooperation for many years with Sattler, worlds leading fabrics manufacturer assures the best choice for you. Sailboat awning uses boom as a carrier and it is fixed few centimeters above sea line, adjusted to mast and other fixed parts of the boat. In some parts the awning has special margins and improvements so that water can not enter or the strong wind can not damage it. When the boat is in the sea the awning is stretched with special weights.

Company Martin has standard designs whose dimensions suit many types of yachts. If you want to find out is our standard design will suit your yacht, or you want to order special bimini, please fill our form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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